Manufacturer of Efficient Geothermal and Air Source Heat Pumps

When you work with Nordic products, you'll enjoy great margins, unbeatable support from our experienced team, and many happy customers! Learn more about becoming a dealer, and how you can grow your business with Maritime Geothermal’s Nordic products.

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Explore How Nordic Products and Maritime Geothermal Will Help Grow Your Business in this FREE Ebook

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Did you know that you could save up to 70% on your home energy bills, all while enjoying comfortable, consistent heat and air conditioning? Learn more about how a Nordic heat pump will help you minimize your household heating and cooling costs!

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Learn How Nordic Heat Pumps Provide Comfortable, Affordable Heating and Cooling in this FREE Ebook

Learn how Maritime Geothermal harvests geothermal energy, how this sustainable option works and why it can drastically reduce your home energy bills. Download Now

Nordic heat pumps are designed products specifically for a multitude of large-scale applications, including residential and recreational developments. Discover how a Nordic heat pump can drastically reduce your property’s operating costs.

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Discover 6 Ways Geothermal Energy Benefits Commercial Buildings in this FREE Ebook

Discover the benefits of installing Nordic® heat pumps in commercial applications, including how they reduce operating costs and help achieve LEED Certification. Download Now